Sendero del Jaguar – Film

Sendero del Jaguar Santiago Carsolio grew up in the dystopian landscape of 1990s Mexico, a period that led him to view humanity as inherently malevolent. The relentless destruction of natural resources and the erasure of millennia-old histories left him disillusioned, losing faith in both his fellow humans and the society he once called home. However,… Continue reading Sendero del Jaguar – Film

Why I Run

Why I Run Poem by Adam Castro Adam is our giveaway winner of ‘A tale of adventure begins with a why’, an initiative by Aire Libre Running with Ciele Athletics together with our experience host Alex Dickinson and mindfulness leader Hakim Tafari. Seeking a more inclusive and diverse running and outdoors world,  Aire Libre Running… Continue reading Why I Run

The Running Paradox

The Running Paradox A film by Ciele Athletics Pictures with Aire Libre Running “The Running Paradox” is a collaborative film between Ciele Athletics Pictures and Aire Libre Running. The film explores running as both a medium to travel within our inner space but also a way to connect deeply with the world around us. Join us… Continue reading The Running Paradox

Follow The H20: The Last Free River in Mexico City

Why Follow The H20? Water is a source of life and a human right. Overconsumption compounded by greater water demand and climate change will continue to strain this vital resource across the globe unless we begin changing our behavior and implementing more sustainable systems. Small changes can have big results when amplified across many.* By… Continue reading Follow The H20: The Last Free River in Mexico City

Lines in the Sand

Lines in the sand Along Arizona’s Southern limit a steel wall winds through the desert hills, casting a shadow over the sun-baked trails of the Tohono O’odham Nation. Here they honor a culture of running that serves as spiritual medicine, capable of healing the souls of their brothers and sisters, and their own.  We ventured… Continue reading Lines in the Sand

What Brought you here?

What Brought You Here? An exploration of what motivates us to run, shining light on the importance of time spent amongst nature, no matter where you’ve come from. Based in the Highlands of Scotland, “What Brought You Here?” follows a diverse group of participants as they journey throughout the Knoydart Peninsula and beyond, an adventure hosted… Continue reading What Brought you here?

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