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Why I Run

Poem by Adam Castro

Adam is our giveaway winner of ‘A tale of adventure begins with a why’, an initiative by Aire Libre Running with Ciele Athletics together with our experience host Alex Dickinson and mindfulness leader Hakim Tafari.

Seeking a more inclusive and diverse running and outdoors world,  Aire Libre Running and Hakim Tafari teamed up with Ciele to give one free spot to the BIPoC Community for our Jackson Hole running getaway of 2021.

Adam’s entry was a powerful poem written from his place within the BIPoC community which reflects the struggle for liberation from a cultural heritage that suppresses the voices of minority communities and how running is one more door on the road to achieving that freedom.

“Ancient hand that raised me

are the same ancient hands

that plunged into the Mesoamerica dirt

so that I might one day

have the opportunity

to run upon it

I run to honor those

who labored before me

On their feet

Harvesting the corn

and potatoes of the field

Totec wrath and blessing 

Upon ancestral blow

Ancient sweat on brown skin

turns to salt inside my mouth

The lungs breathe

The heart beats

In this moment

I am complete and perfect

Old dirt whispers old stories

Of pain and wisdom

While on top new soles create and heal

I run to seek the wilderness

Wilderness of earth

Wilderness of heart

wilderness of body

and of mind

Run to confront

run to engage

run to and run through

But I do not run away

Body sore

Heart restore

Mind relinquished

Ancient trauma Be Released”

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