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What has started as
a crazy idea and now
moves us to discover
the world

We design running and hiking experiences all over the world that connect you spiritually to nature and to yourself.

Our work is to establish relationships with these places and people, and to share their wisdom through movement, storytelling and experiences that bring us in contact with a different reality. 

This is who we are, what we believe in,
what we seek. Our manifesto.

The defining characteristic of our age is the growing realization that our collective habits are unsustainable for life on Earth. Over-consumption and a desire for economic progress overshadow the destructive effects of these habits on ecosystems that sustain life for many species, including our own. To address this threat we must be able to think for ourselves and question the idea that nature is something to be conquered, and instead work towards living with respect to the environment.
We are not taught to be independent – educational and professional institutions discourage independence and individual thought. We are too distracted by consumption and information to question the models for life and thought these institutions provide. In order to free ourselves from this system and move toward regaining balance with nature we should look inwardly to discover the truth of what we really need. This requires us to step back, reflect, and consider other forms of life to question our own.
We look for new perspectives within cultures and communities in remote places that exist outside of modern societal structures which are focused only on progress and gain.
With this increased awareness we can move away from our previous harmful patterns and establish new rules for our existence. In their philosophies we find a focus on gratitude and a connection to the Earth and an understanding that our survival is tied to the health of the planet. We also recognize that stories are powerful tools to help us imagine, teach, and learn about what other people value.
We value the support of a community in this journey of like-minded people who know that to regain control of their lives they must take a stand against the passive roles required of them. A community also brings a diversity of ideas and experiences that can  further help us question our own values and open our minds to new ways of thinking and being. Together we offer each other support as we work to forge a new way of life based on connection rather than competition.

At Aire Libre, we are committed to helping humanity gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship to nature and to others, by designing experiences, sharing stories, and creating a diverse and inclusive community around a new and sustainable vision of life. In this way we can begin to find joy in our personal growth, seek meaning through self-knowledge and cultivate our identity as part of nature. When we know ourselves enough to reflect on our essence as human beings, we can choose to live with greater balance and inspire others to strive for harmony and respect for all forms of life.

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The Gift of Connection

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