Sendero del Jaguar

Santiago Carsolio grew up in the dystopian landscape of 1990s Mexico, a period that led him to view humanity as inherently malevolent. The relentless destruction of natural resources and the erasure of millennia-old histories left him disillusioned, losing faith in both his fellow humans and the society he once called home. However, a ray of hope emerged through his involvement in trail running and the creation of the Sendero del Jaguar experience for Aire Libre Running. It was here that he encountered Pedro Osorio Hernandez, a motivated and inquisitive individual residing in Santa Cruz Tepetotutla, a hilltop community of indigenous Chinantecos nestled in the High Sierra of Oaxaca.

Don Pedro Osorio Hernandez

“Pedro’s community is an example that brings me hope, a hope that our time as humans on this earth does in fact have the potential to thrive and prosper, not completely crumbling right in front of our eyes.”

– Santiago Carsolio

Working alongside Pedro, Santiago’s faith in humanity was rekindled, affirming that a profound, symbiotic relationship between humans and the natural world is still possible. Pedro’s community became a beacon of hope for Santiago, demonstrating that humans have the potential to coexist harmoniously with nature and thrive, rather than witnessing the world crumble before their eyes.


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You can help too.

The Regional Committee for Natural Resources of the Chinantla Alta is responsible for organizing all biodiversity and culture conservation activities in the Chinanteca Sierra.

Currently, they are receiving voluntary financial support to be able to continue their activities.
If you want to be part of this, you can make a donation using the following information:


Comité de Recursos Naturales de la Chinantla Alta A.C.





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