Trail Tested by Aire Libre

Vivobarefoot Magna Lite tested by Rebeca Rojas

The Aire Libre team specializes in designing, creating, and participating in running and hiking experiences across diverse latitudes. From traversing the majestic peaks of the French Pyrenees to exploring the ancient paths of the Chinantla Mountains in Oaxaca, and venturing through the remote routes of Chilean Patagonia, our passion lies in experiencing the world through movement. We seek out products that offer superior performance to enhance our outdoor adventures. This time we tested the Vivobarefoot Magna Lite. 


Vivobarefoot Magna Lite
Photograph by Aire Libre

Smooth Operator for all Aire Libre experiences, Rebeca’s love affair with the outdoors started with a transformative safari camp trip in elementary school and hasn’t stopped ever since. From wild mushroom-picking escapades in the mountains to stormy camping excursions with friends, her dog, and now her daughter, she finds balance and clarity in the quiet moments spent beneath the open sky.


Her latest adventure took her to Peru as part of our Incan Pathways hiking experience.

“I’ve traversed, hiked, and scrambled in these shoes for about 10 days, exploring mostly dry and firm terrains, as well as grassy and muddy paths around the Sacred Valley of Peru. Let me tell you, I couldn’t have made a better choice.


The lightweight and flexibility were crucial for travel, but what truly stood out was the ability to feel and read the sacred trails beneath my feet. The lug grip proved invaluable when navigating both downhill and uphill sections. The snug fit around the ankle provided extra security. I felt so confident in these shoes that I didn’t even need to bring out my hiking poles.


Despite the varied terrain, my feet remained dry, and my socks never felt soaked. I wore them continuously for 10 days, and to my surprise, there was no noticeable odor developing from the shoes.


Overall, they not only look cool but also felt incredibly comfortable during long hikes. This all-weather footwear will undoubtedly be a staple for my next wilderness hike”.


Technical Details


Stand firm, even when the ground’s not.




“The Thermal Insole features built-in temperature-regulating technology that absorbs, stores and releases heat. This smart thermal layer is also removable for those who don’t need or want it. It responds to the naturally changing temperatures of your feet, keeping them warm or cooling them down.”




The main materials in all of Vivobarefoot’s Vegan products are synthetic and not derived from animals. However, they currently do not have full transparency over the production of all the small components (such as adhesives and dyes) used in these products to ensure they meet vegan best practices. While they believe the shoes are vegan, they cannot guarantee it 100% yet. 




Made from materials that are water-resistant and non-absorbent materials.




Based on a single shoe in Women’s size: EU 38 | UK 5 | US 7.5

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