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Outdoors Just Gets Better After Having Kids!

Embracing parenthood and the great outdoors
for boundless adventures and growth

Words by Rebe, Aire Libre member and photographs by Claudia Hinojosa
Photograph by: Claudia Hinojosa

As a city-born child, my early years were spent amidst concrete and skyscrapers, with little exposure to the wonders of nature. Yet, I cherished the moments of childhood spent outdoors – climbing trees, rollerblading, and relishing in the freedom of open parks.


My true love affair with the outdoors blossomed during a transformative safari camp trip in elementary school. Amidst thunderous storms and muddy adventures, I found pure joy in nature’s embrace. High school introduced me to a band of adventurous souls, leading me to wild mushroom-picking escapades in the mountains and stormy camping excursions – each experience leaving me exhilarated and alive.


In my early twenties, a furry companion entered my life, ushering in a new chapter of exploration and connection with nature. Guided by the wild call of the mountains, a female neighbor and I embarked on daring adventures with our unleashed dogs, finding solace and strength in the wilderness. Despite societal perceptions, the mountains became our safe place, a place of empowerment and freedom in the company of wolves.


Motherhood redefined my journey once again, revealing the raw vulnerability and boundless love that comes with nurturing a child. Amidst the chaos and demands of parenting, nature emerged as my refuge, offering solace, inspiration, and a sense of purpose larger than myself.


Raising a strong willed child in today’s digital age comes with its own set of challenges, but the rewards are immeasurable. Despite the logistical hurdles and moments of doubt, the joy of exploring the great and little outdoors with my daughter far outweighs any hardships.

Through trailside meltdowns and unexpected setbacks, we discover the beauty of resilience and the simple joys of being present in nature’s embrace. Child-led play becomes our guiding light, fostering creativity, trust, and an unbreakable bond with both the microcosms and the macrocosm that surround us.


As my daughter grows, I cherish each moment spent exploring forests, rivers, and mountains but also urban environments together, knowing that these precious memories will shape her into the resilient, compassionate individual she is destined to become. And amidst the chaos of motherhood, I find balance and clarity in the quiet moments spent beneath the open sky, breathing in the beauty of life’s endless adventure.


She’ll grow up before I know it. Soon, she won’t be collecting sticks and stones in her pockets; soon, she’ll be forging her own path. That’s why I choose to be fully present in this moment, to give my all, to combat stress with joy, and to cherish every precious second together.


There is no right way to go, no expectations to strive for, no approval to seek.It’s simply about you and your child reconnecting with your inner selves through the aire libre.
An unlimited inside and outside expanse to explore.


In the end, it’s not about following the path of least resistance, but rather embracing the wild unknown and finding joy in the journey – one step, one adventure at a time.


By Rebeca Roja, Aire Libre team member.


Discover more at: airelibre.earth

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