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Trail Tested by Aire Libre

Vivobarefoot Hydra ESC tested by Santiago Carsolio

The Aire Libre team specializes in designing, creating, and participating in running and hiking experiences across diverse latitudes. From traversing the majestic peaks of the French Pyrenees to exploring the ancient paths of the Chinantla Mountains in Oaxaca, and venturing through the remote routes of Chilean Patagonia, our passion lies in experiencing the world through movement. We seek out products that offer superior performance to enhance our outdoor adventures. This time we tested the Vivobarefoot Hydra ESC. 


Photograph by Aire Libre

A natural explorer with a boundless curiosity about nature, Santiago is one of our Lead Guides at Aire Libre Running. His passion has led him to set records on many of the country’s highest mountains, including Pico de Orizaba, Iztaccíhuatl, Nevado de Toluca, and Tacaná, among others. Santiago’s deep-rooted love for nature and physical activity was instilled in him from a young age. For years, he has been engaged in mountain trail running, not merely as a sport but as a means of healing and exploring new horizons.


“My Hydra’s ESC have been my best trail running companion since I started my barefoot journey. This shoe has been on wild adventures, from dense rainforests to high sierras, and in every destination it has performed even better than what I would have imagined.

One of the things that is outstanding for me is its overall design to achieve a really technical shoe, without compromising the components that make a minimal shoe unique, like its flexibility, breathability, and natural foot shape. This is even better when you add the stickiness of the new sole and the velocity at which it drains water when wet. I’ve never felt so wild and trustful of a pair of shoes while in the trial (or out of it). My Hydras are an untamed blessing”. 


Technical Details


The high-vis Michelin© sole for all-terrain traction.


The Active Bloom® Foam Insole is made using the first sustainable alternative to synthetic and petrochemical EVA foam, derived from algae biomass. This algae can damage our oceans, so harnessing it in our footwear helps clean up the environment.


Breathable, lightweight and comfortable.


The Pro5 Puncture Resistant finish is a lightweight and flexible 0.8mm layer on the sole. Protective underfoot to keep painful bits out, but still letting all the feeling in.


Based on a single shoe in Men’s size: EU 42 | UK 8 | US 9 350g

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