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Discovering La Chinantla:
A Biodiverse Haven in Oaxaca

Embracing the peaceful coexistence with jaguars

Nestled in the northern part of Oaxaca, Mexico, La Chinantla is a region of unparalleled ecological and cultural richness. Its topography varies from tropical rainforests and cloud forests to mountainous terrains, creating a mosaic of microclimates. This diversity supports a wide range of flora and fauna, making La Chinantla one of Mexico’s most biodiverse areas. The climate ranges from humid tropical in the lowlands to temperate in the highlands, providing a perfect habitat for numerous species.



La Chinantla is home to the indigenous Chinantec people, who have preserved their languages, traditions, and cultural practices over centuries. These communities practice traditional agriculture and sustainable forest management, contributing to the conservation of their environment. Their deep connection to the land is evident in their cultural heritage, including traditional festivals, dances, and rituals that celebrate their relationship with nature.

Aire Libre Hiking Experience in La Chinantla on 2023

A Sanctuary for Jaguars



La Chinantla’s dense forests and varied topography provide an ideal habitat for jaguars, an apex predator crucial for the health of the ecosystem. The presence of jaguars in this region highlights its ecological significance. Conservation groups and researchers, using camera traps and tracking methods, monitor these majestic creatures to understand their behavior and population dynamics better. Local communities play a vital role in these conservation efforts, participating in education programs that emphasize the importance of protecting jaguars.



The jaguars coexist peacefully with the Chinantec people, who view them as integral to the natural balance. Other notable species in the region include various birds, reptiles, and amphibians, all contributing to the rich biodiversity of La Chinantla. Efforts to preserve this unique environment ensure that both the wildlife and the cultural heritage of the Chinantec people continue to thrive.


Caldo de Piedra: A Culinary Tradition


Among La Chinantla’s remarkable cultural heritage, one is particularly known. Caldo de Piedra, or Stone Soup, is a traditional dish of the Chinantec people that reflects their ingenuity and communal spirit. According to legend, fishermen created the dish by heating stones in a fire and placing them in a bowl with fresh ingredients like fish, shrimp, tomatoes, onions, and herbs. The hot stones cook the ingredients, resulting in a flavorful soup that symbolizes community and sharing.


This dish is more than just food; it is a cultural artifact that brings people together, fostering unity and preserving the Chinantec heritage. Today, Caldo de Piedra is celebrated as part of Oaxaca’s rich culinary tradition and enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. It offers a unique taste of the region’s history and the Chinantec people’s deep connection to their environment.



Conservation challenges


Despite its natural beauty and cultural wealth, La Chinantla faces significant threats. Habitat loss due to deforestation, illegal hunting, and irresponsible tourist practices pose challenges to the jaguar population and the broader ecosystem. Conservation efforts are crucial to mitigate these threats and ensure the survival of the region’s unique biodiversity.


At Aire Libre, our commitment is to embrace mindful, low-impact, and respectful experiences globally. Through our hiking experience in La Chinantla, we co-create a transformative journey with local guides to explore the cloud forest, fostering a profound connection with nature and promoting sustainable practices. Together, we aim to contribute to the conservation of La Chinantla’s natural and cultural heritage.


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Sendero del Jaguar: Whisperers of Preservation

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