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Discover the Pueblos Mancomunados:
An Ecotourism Gem in Oaxaca

Ecotourism and sustainable development amidst a breathtaking region

Nestled in the lush Sierra Norte region of Oaxaca, the Pueblos Mancomunados are a collective of eight indigenous Zapotec communities dedicated to sustainable development and ecotourism. These communities offer visitors a unique opportunity to explore breathtaking landscapes, immerse in rich cultural heritage, and witness successful conservation efforts. 



A successful model of community-based sustainable development, the Pueblos Mancomunados balance economic growth with environmental stewardship and cultural preservation. Their efforts have not only improved the quality of life for residents but also contributed to the conservation of one of Mexico’s most biologically diverse regions.

Pueblos Mancomunados
Our Oaxaca Day of the Dead running experience 2023

Ecotourism Activities

The Pueblos Mancomunados operate under a cooperative model. Decisions are made collectively by representatives from each community to ensure that all voices are heard and that development aligns with the values and needs of the residents. These cooperative efforts have gained them recognition for their innovative approach to community development and conservation, paving the way to offer a variety of ecotouristic activities.

A paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, visitors can enjoy hiking and trekking along numerous trails that connect the eight villages among stunning forest views, waterfalls, and scenic overlooks.  Additionally, travelers can explore the well-maintained mountain biking paths suitable for all skill levels, and join tours to visit local artisans, traditional kitchens, and historical sites, providing insight into the Zapotec way of life. Tourism revenues are reinvested in community projects, infrastructure, and services such as education and healthcare.


Conservation Efforts


The protection and responsible management of natural resources and biodiversity of the Sierra Norte region is crucial for any development initiative in this region. The Pueblos Mancomunados are committed to reforesting native trees to restore degraded areas and maintain forest cover, implementing practices that balance agricultural needs with conservation goals, and protecting local wildlife species to ensure regional biodiversity. These efforts have not only improved the quality of life for residents but also set a benchmark for other Indigenous communities.



Pueblos Mancomunados
Our Oaxaca Day of the Dead running experience 2023

Aire Libre recommends

Whether you’re seeking adventure, tranquility, or a deep connection with nature and indigenous culture, these communities provide an unforgettable experience. By visiting, you not only explore a stunning region but also support a model of community-based sustainable development that benefits both people and the planet.


If you are ready to embark on a journey to the Pueblos Mancomunados join us on our running expedition into the heart of the Sierra Norte during one of Mexico’s biggest and most widely known traditions. 


Oaxaca, Day of the Dead! 

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