Echoes of Rain: Fungi & Fireflies

Dive into the depths of nature in this journey where the rain awakens the hidden mysteries of the forest.

Valle de Bravo Protected Natural Area, State of Mexico

2 days, 1 Night

Difficulty Level: Gentle Adventure (Easy Active) 

Hiking experience


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Ranging daily from 5 to 12 km

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Discover the world through hiking

We look for new perspectives within cultures and communities in remote places that exist outside of modern societal structures which are focused only in progress and gains.

Your Adventure Itinerary

We will depart from Mexico City in transportation provided by Aire Libre

Upon arrival at the protected natural area of Nevado de Toluca – Valle de Bravo, our day will begin with a delightful Matlazinca breakfast, setting the tone for an exciting day ahead.


We will then embark on an identification and foraging journey, covering a total of 10 km as we traverse agricultural and forested areas, connecting with the rich biodiversity of the region. Following our expedition, we will reach our campsite designed exclusively for this experience, where a restorative stretching and relaxation session awaits us.


Later, we will gather at the dining area for an immersive Matlatzinca cooking workshop, utilizing the products we collected during our journey. This hands-on experience will culminate in a flavorful meal prepared with the biocultural foraged ingredients, including mushrooms and “quelites” (wild greens). Afterward, we’ll have the freedom to unwind by the river, reveling in the serene ambiance of the valleys.


As night falls, we will embark in an immersive 2.5 km night hike amidst the enchanting glow of fireflies. This awe-inspiring spectacle will illuminate the forest, creating a magical atmosphere as the fireflies twinkle in the darkness. Finally, we will conclude our day with a hearty and delicious regional Matlazinca dinner, bringing a perfect end to our adventurous day in nature.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: Included
Accommodation: Safari-style tent camping


We will commence this day with a riverside mindful movement session. Following this, we will indulge in breakfast within a charming dining area that boasts panoramic forest views. Following breakfast, we will set out on a fungal immersion journey into the heart of temperate and coniferous forests, covering a maximum distance of 5 km.


Around midday, we will return to our starting point to convene in the kitchen, where we will share and prepare some of the culinary treasures procured during our hike. Later in the afternoon, we will delight in a meal crafted from the biocultural forage or mushroom collection. The experience will draw to a close in the late afternoon as we begin our return journey to the city.


Finally, in the evening, we will bid our farewells at the meeting point in Mexico City, marking the end of our day filled with exploration and the profound connection with nature.


Breakfast & Lunch: Included

Our team

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Our Host

Santiago Carsolio resides in Valle de Bravo and hails from a family of passionate mountaineers. Both his grandparents and parents were avid mountaineers and ultra-distance runners. Santiago’s deep-rooted love for nature and physical activity was instilled in him from a young age. For years, he has been engaged in mountain trail running, not merely as a sport but as a means of healing and exploring new horizons.


He has been actively involved in alternative education initiatives, forest therapy, sustainable tourism, and nature guiding for several years. Collaborating with organizations, universities, and the private sector, Santiago believes that transformative experiences in nature can heal our relationship with ourselves and, consequently, with the environment affected by the environmental crisis.


Personally, Santiago is a natural explorer and harbors a boundless curiosity about nature. His passion has led him to set records on many of the country’s highest mountains, including Pico de Orizaba, Iztaccíhuatl, Nevado de Toluca, and Tacaná, among others. When with Santiago, expect engaging conversations about mountains, history, mythology, plants, ecology, and various sensory activities to rejuvenate the body. Santiago is one of our Lead Guides at Aire Libre Running and the creative mind behind many of our “Local Escapes Mexico” experiences.


To connect with Santiago, you can find him on Instagram as @santiagocarsolio

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Embark in a transformative journey where the rain awakens the hidden mysteries of the forest. Immerse yourself in the process of identifying various edible mushrooms and wild greens and into the ancestral practice of “desquelitar”. Engage in a captivating nocturnal forest therapy session, illuminated by the enchanting glow of fireflies, intensifying your sensory experience in the rain-kissed wilderness. Participate in a regional cooking workshop, immersing yourself in the essence of “wild cuisine.” Utilize ingredients foraged during the hike to craft exquisite dishes.

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Echoes of Rain: Fungi & Fireflies

Discover the transformative journey within the ephemeral enigmas of the rainy season. This immersive adventure, led by ancestral knowledge, combines daytime foraging expeditions with nighttime escapades under the mesmerizing radiance of bioluminescent fireflies. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with the enchanting mysteries of the wilderness.

As night falls, we will find ourselves in the embrace of the forest, where we’ll rest in Safari-style tents thoughtfully arranged for this exceptional adventure, with each tent shared among groups of up to 4 people.

In July, the forest comes alive with rainfall, nurturing mushrooms and new growth. Afternoons bring the possibility of precipitation, and the temperature remains mild. However, be prepared for chilly mornings due to the proximity to the mountains, making it a unique experience in nature.


  • Transportation throughout the whole experience.
  • All meals and accommodations for the duration of the experience.
  • Carefully curated culinary experiences, regional cuisine and biocultural foraging.
  • Dedicated sports and action photographer to capture your moments.
  • Knowledgeable and professional local guides.
  • Expert guidance from local specialists in flora, fauna, and mushrooms.
  • Entrance tickets to all national parks and ejidos included in the experience.
  • Aire Libre & partner brands merchandise.
  • Complimentary La Familia Global Community Membership ($ 25 USD value)
  • Individual contribution to the Aire Libre fund, dedicated to enhancing community-based tourism training and infrastructure development.


  • Transportation to/from Mexico City.
  • Travel Insurance. We highly recommend securing personal travel insurance for your peace of mind.
  • Alcoholic beverages and any additional meals beyond the provided ones.
  • Currently, Mexico’s international borders remain open.

  • A valid passport is required for entry.

  • Foreigners might be required to present a return ticket.

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