Top 10 Aire Libre Pictures of 2023

A selection by Jason Suarez

WORDS by Leslie Payro

French Pyrenees Running Experience 2023 by Aire Libre

Sorting through the whirlwind of memories from 2023 is like sifting through a kaleidoscope of unforgettable moments. We’ve got loads of memories, each one more epic than the last. As per tradition, we turned to our close and talented friends to help us curate the top 10 snapshots that encapsulate the essence of our shared adventures.


This year, our curator was none other than our esteemed friend and photography maestro, Jason S. While he wasn’t the one clicking the shutter, Jason brought his discerning eye to the table, meticulously selecting his top ten favorites resulting in an incredible visual journey through a year that has filled us with wonder!


We also want to give a huge shoutout and heartfelt thanks to our incredible team of photographers, whose exceptional skills behind the lens has preserved the authentic essence of Aire Libre in every frame

01. love the contrast between the natural elements of night and the light source coming in from the fire. You can’t see any of the subjects faces but you still get the sense of calm and peace coming from both of them as the ritual is happening.
02. The colors coming out of the papel picado caught my eye immediately. Also whats cool was the runner in action capturing the moment with their phone.
03. Great rule of 3rds use here
04. The mist makes it look like you’re in a magical forrest something out of a Disney movie. The pop of red from the runners jacket also draws your eye immediately to the center of the photo.
05. this picture is so good it looks fake! The colors are bright love the palm tree right in the center of the photo. Everything that is going on in this photo looks fun.
06. not sure what the orange sparks are but I’m assuming they are coming from some kind of wood fire just a really cool way to bring light into the photo
07. love the calmness of the photo from the background to the horses. The natural pastel colors also 😍
08. One of my favorite pictures of the set the pure joy coming out of the subjects face because of the goats made me smile.
09. A really well balanced photo. They are so high up in this photo that they are above the clouds. Cool to see the mountain range in the background also.
10. really cool shot of the map and planning that happens at events like this. I’m always a big fan of BTS

About Jason Suarez

Sports photographer and athlete with a fascinating creative eye. In this conversation, Jason shares the story behind his career as well as his thoughts on how we can bring more perspectives into the creative world that surrounds athletics. With a trademark sense of humor and a positive spirit, Jason’s words serve as a succinct guide to being a better creative, or simply a better person. @notafraid2fail All Jason images are a photograph by @keithmorrison

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