"Running Culture: Belonging and Empowerment"

with charlie dark

“A lot of people always want the easiest option in life and then get very frustrated because they always take the shortcut. What you learn from Running is; shortcuts are short term fixes. Learning to be patient and be diligent in you approach to a problem is something that people should learn. There are so many positives that people can learn just from moving.” — Charlie Dark

Charlie Dark is the creative mind behind Run Dem Crew, a London-based running collective embodying the culture of running as more than a form of exercise. This month we sat down with Charlie to talk about the reasons it’s important to build community through running, why patience is one of the most valuable skills anyone can learn, and the significance of running beyond earning shiny medals.  


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About Charlie Dark

Charlie Dark is a DJ, creative influencer and poet from East London. He founded the highly successful Run Dem Crew in 2007, an alternative running club made up of creative minds that meet weekly to exchange ideas, explore the urban landscape and move. Committed to the change and upliftment of the next generation Run Dem Crew works closely with young people across London providing mentoring and advice along with the opportunity to explore London in a safe, unique, positive and supportive environment. Through his poetry, community activism and initiatives with Run Dem Crew he has created a space for people of all ages to come together, express themselves and explore their full potential. His work connects communities and encourages togetherness as well as providing people with the skills to navigate and survive the daily challenges of life. @daddydarkrdc



Aside of being the host of Beyond Running, Kenaia is a distance runner/coach, coffee addict and writer.
She is the blogger behind kenaianeumann.com, where she encourages others to live life to the fullest. Though she lives near Houston currently, she explores new places as often as she can. The first time she traveled with the Aire Libre crew she knew she’d found something special, and hopes to encourage more people to join their adventures and find themselves on the trails.
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