"What Running Can Teach You"

with Rickey gates

“I just think that running and walking and being on the ground and being owner full is the most humble form of transportation, I think that people recognized that you are putting yourself out there and some people will see that you are putting yourself on risk, so is the most approachable way, you know people see you are doing something different and they wanna talk to you” — Rickey Gates

Rickey Gates is an ultra distance athlete and what I would call an urban explorer. He is most well known for his creative endurance endeavors, like running every street of San Francisco, or running across America. We sat down to talk with him about his lifelong passion for running, what he learns by running through a place, and his collection of dirt from around the world.

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About Rickey Gates

Rickey Gates had the good fortune of being born in the mountains and brought up interacting with this planet in a manner that has brought him both joy and understanding – about himself, his fellow humans and this delicate spaceship that they share. His adult life has been defined primarily by the search for a freedom that our bodies, our minds and our environments can provide. For him, this search has taken form in running, skiing, meditation, but primarily running.

Through his writing, photos and guided runs, it has been his goal to translate and convey this interface with his human counterparts.

You can learn more about him on his Instagram account, @rickeygates.



Aside of being the host of Beyond Running, Kenaia is a distance runner/coach, coffee addict and writer. 

She is the blogger behind kenaianeumann.com, where she encourages others to live life to the fullest. Though she lives near Houston currently, she explores new places as often as she can. The first time she traveled with the Aire Libre crew she knew she’d found something special, and hopes to encourage more people to join their adventures and find themselves on the trails. 

Connect with Kenaia via Instagram.


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