"Resilience, Representation, and Breaking Gender Barriers"


"I feel like running for me has been a great tool for my mental health. It really elevates my soul. It really made my soul brighter and better for others and for myself. "

– Claudia Corona

In this episode of the Beyond Running Podcast, we sit down with Claudia Corona an incredible Latina ultra marathoner hailing from the vibrant and diverse city of New York. Claudia’s latest endeavor is nothing short of awe-inspiring – she’s on a mission to run through all five boroughs of the Big Apple. This conversation delves deep into Claudia’s journey of gender, representation, resilience, and the critical role of support in achieving extraordinary goals.


Join us for this deeply inspirational conversation with Claudia Rincón as we explore her extraordinary journey, the power of resilience, and the impact of running on her life.

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About Claudia Corona

Mexicana, Ultramarathoner, and proud New Yorker. Claudia got into ultra running this year. Running long distance is a journey of healing and reconnection but also where Claudia finds her real self among the kilometers. Claudia is the first woman to attempt to run all of the perimeters of New York City’s five boroughs, a journey that aims to inspire, uplift, take space and make noise for her powerful gender. 



Leslie Payro, a Mexican graphic designer and visual artist, has been a dedicated member of the Aire Libre team since 2018, and currently leading the Customer Happiness department. Finding solace in running and nature, she sees these pursuits as celebrations of life and rituals of self-reclamation, empowering her to overcome challenges. With a deep passion for social justice, Leslie advocates for women’s and LGBTTQIA+ rights, dedicating her energy to fostering gender equality in both creative and social spheres.


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