"How Running and Mindfulness saved my life"


“Running saved me, because running was the way I could just go and not worry about anything, go on a run to a certain place and be focused. Running was and is an escape and a way to clear my mind” — Hakim Tafari

For this episode of Beyond Running, we sat down with runner and mindfulness ambassador for the L.A. running community, Hakim Tafari, who told us about the different chapters of his journey and how a life of obstacles led him to embrace running, mindfulness and eastern medicine as ways to reconnect to himself and turn his life around.


Join us as we discuss everything from running and veganism to budhism and eastern medicine in this eye opening and awe inspiring  conversation.


Hakim has been part of the Aire Libre community ever since he led a beautifully designed mindfulness program in our past Chiapas experience.

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About Hakim Tafari

Hakim has studied and taught Eastern bodywork, in particular Shiatsu and Thai Yoga massage, since 1999, learning from some of the greatest teachers in the field of eastern bodywork. Currently, he is working with Dr. Michael Spino, author of the book “Beyond Jogging, the interspaces of running” to bring certain mindfulness techniques to the running community worldwide.


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Daniel is a Canadian journalist, avid runner and cyclist, and long time Aire Libre ambassador. Currently, he is living and working in London, from where he travels constantly to explore new places through cycling and running. You might bump into him at one of our experiences soon. 

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