Ep. 26
"Rewilding, Connecting to Nature, and the Magic of Forests"

with SUgi

It comes down to the fact that we're meant to be out of doors, you know? We evolved out of doors. It's only very recently that we shut ourselves inside and cut ourselves off of Nature. The forest used to be our home, you know what I mean? It was a mix of magic, but there was also the slight anticipation and everything within the forest was there as a home for us.

— James Godfrey-Fausset
Lead Forest Maker

SUGi is on a mission to empower rewilding and bring Nature closer to anyone anywhere. Mobilizing an incredible team of creatives, forest makers, ocean gardeners, and polymaths, their projects create micro-forests that reflect the indigenous biodiversity of that place.

In a conversation with founder Elise Van Middelem and lead forest maker James Godfrey-Faussett, we explore their process, the value of nature and moving through forests, and talk about some of the forests we’d most like to visit.

It’s an inspiring conversation about how to turn passion into action and spend more time connected to the things that matter most.

Be sure to check out the beautiful, informative content they’ve created at the links below.

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About SUGi

SUGi is a people-powered platform on a mission to empower people to invest in nature and restore biodiversity.


SUGi offers authentic rewilding that connects anyone anywhere to Nature and delivers results that are trackable, transparent, and visible in a matter of months. Their objective is to show that forests do not have to be far-flung nature reserves, isolated from human life by spreading the message that we can grow them right in our own backyards, even in cities. Vacant lots, abandoned sites, and landfills can be repurposed; parks, watercourses, and parking lots can be adapted. SUGi turns unused space into a perfect habitat for birds to nest, for fruits to grow, for fresh & cooler air to circulate, and for people to feel healthy and whole.


Since May 2019, they have planted 104 SUGi Pocket Forests around the world. That’s much more than 133,000 trees!






Alex Dickinson is a writer, runner, and a yoga and meditation teacher. He approaches running and yoga practice with a similar mindset—as ways to connect mind and body, explore internal and external landscapes, and simply feel better. He finds the pairing of the pursuits is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s his mission to share the gifts of these practices fairly and equitably, with a great deal of respect for the roots of the practice and those who have passed it down the generations.



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