"MindWork Series"

with Charlie Dark

“I felt like i discover this new thing that no one else was doing and no one expected me to be doing and I wasn’t good at it. So for me it was just like ‘man, I suck at running, I’m terrible! this is so embarrassing, but I’m going to try again’ because, despite the fact that I’m really rubbish, I felt excited by something and I hadn’t felt excited by something in a very long time.”

— Charlie Dark

The Mindwork Series is a content collaboration with lululemon to explore movement as an entry point to mindfulness.  This episode features guest Charlie Dark, a pioneer in the running culture through the legendary Run Dem Crew, a yoga teacher and practitioner, and a music explorer and DJ.  Creating spaces for inclusion and running seen in a holistic approach were some of the topics touched in our conversation.



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About Charlie

Charlie Dark is the founder of London based Run Dem Crew, a DJ, a yoga teacher and a Global Run Ambassador for lululemon.



Alex Dickinson is a writer, runner, and a yoga and meditation teacher. He approaches running and yoga practice with a similar mindset—as ways to connect mind and body, explore internal and external landscapes, and simply feel better. He finds the pairing of the pursuits is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s his mission to share the gifts of these practices fairly and equitably, with a great deal of respect for the roots of the practice and those who have passed it down the generations.



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