"Searching for Quiet"

with matt mikelsen

“When you get out into nature, or when you get out into a place that is a little bit quieter, choosing to use your hearing as a sense just like you use your eyes to gather information becomes really powerful, and really important, and we’re kind of at this point in our society … where we’re realizing that we’ve been disregarding what we’re hearing, and that noise pollution is pretty bad for us mentally, physically, in terms of our overall happiness and ability to pay attention… and the antidote to that is to experience quiet.” — Matt Mikelsen

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About Matt

Matt (he/him/his) is a sound recordist, audio engineer, and documentary filmmaker based out of Jackson, Wyoming. He has worked as an engineer, sound designer, director, and producer on several award winning documentaries, but has devoted most of his  professional career to observing, recording, researching, and preserving natural soundscapes. His clients include Skywalker Sound, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon, and his work has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered. Matt also serves as the Executive Director of Wilderness Quiet Parks for Quiet Parks International.


Reach him through his website: Sprucetonefilms.com




From Nogales, Arizona in the U.S. Southwest. Fernando is an adventurer, architect, writer, and climber. He likes to travel to inform his views of the world, and loves being proven wrong. 

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