"Finding Adventure in Your Backyard"

with beau miles

“"Someone who's articulate and is a runner as well, and that's who we're talking to in some respects, I completely and utterly get it and I believe that, and that's why I continue to run, rather than dig holes or chop wood for my neighbour, because I think it has a purpose in my 168 hours a week, I think it flourishes the other hundred and fifty hours or whatever that I'm not running, or whatever it might be, I think it actually does serve a huge purpose, but it's still worth questioning like anything else I do." — Beau Miles

Beau takes simple objects and ideas, which are often things we take for granted, and questions what we know about them through his film projects through tests of endurance and imagination.


We spoke about his films, his experience writing a doctoral thesis, the value of Outdoor Education, as well as how running has contributed to his view of the world, his projects, and himself. 


Instagram account at @beauisms



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About Beau Miles

Beau Miles is an Award winning filmmaker, poly-jobist, speaker, and writer. On a recent crossing of Bass Strait in a sea kayak, Beau Miles was voted 5th worst dressed in a party of 5. Being offbeat and NQR speaks volumes about how Beau goes about life and represents himself to the world, believing wholeheartedly that we’re all weird. With a PhD in Outdoor Education, a string of successful short films under his belt, Beau’s exploits are funny, authentic, insightful and being copied all over the world. Beau’s offbeat stories of adventure exemplify a curious view of the human condition.  YouTuber, new dad, and self-described oddball who needs to shower more, Beau has been finding ways to satisfy his adventurous spirit both abroad and in his backyard.


Watch his films, read his stories at beaumiles.com




From Nogales, Arizona in the U.S. Southwest. Fernando is an adventurer, architect, writer, and climber. He likes to travel to inform his views of the world, and loves being proven wrong. 

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