"Emotional Strength in Endurance Sports"

with samantha gash

“We have to ask ourselves ‘What do we really want to do with our time on this planet?’ And then when you ask yourself that very clear question it’s hard to avoid the truth.” — Samantha Gash

Samantha Gash is a social advocate and runner, and has collected a lot of wisdom throughout her life. We talked to her about the importance of education, surrendering, how her life has changed after becoming a mum and the bright side of being on lockdown.


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About Samantha Gash

Samantha Gash is with an increasing desire to push the envelope, in 2011 Samantha entered a 222km non-stop run across the Himalayas, which had previously only been finished by one man. It was during this event that she realized she wanted to use her long-distance running for a greater purpose. And so began Samantha’s transformation to social advocate. The next year, while working as a lawyer, Samantha ran 379km non-stop across Australia’s Simpson Desert, which took 3.5 days and raised $33,000 for Save the Children Australia. Among her most daunting feats was a run from the west to the east of India during which she raised funds for six education-focused programs. She visited 18 World Vision-supported communities across the country, sharing previously untold stories and bringing together industry leaders to tackle barriers to children’s education.Since then she has continued her work to create social impact by pushing the boundaries of her athleticism and endurance running.


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Aside of being the host of Beyond Running, Kenaia is a distance runner/coach, coffee addict and writer.
She is the blogger behind kenaianeumann.com, where she encourages others to live life to the fullest. Though she lives near Houston currently, she explores new places as often as she can. The first time she traveled with the Aire Libre crew she knew she’d found something special, and hopes to encourage more people to join their adventures and find themselves on the trails.
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