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Ep. 39
"Visibility and Voice: Empowering Women in Running"

With Beba Guzmán

“Seeing with my both eyes, watching them, smiling the way they were smiling when we got to Las Vegas, and looking how proud they were of being this group of women running for the first time in their life as a team, because it was something new for her, doing a relay race, and running as a team was a first time thing for them, and being so proud of that! It was the first time in their life that they were so proud of not just completing a race, or winning a race, because some of them, they are used to win, it was just that I knew that deep inside they were proud of doing that together.”

– Beba Guzmán

In this inspiring episode of the Beyond Running Podcast, host Leslie Payró sits down with Beba Guzmán to discuss her remarkable experience organizing and leading a team of Rarámuri women, Ra Ra Ra, in The Speed Project race, an epic journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
Beba shares the challenges they faced, from logistical hurdles to cultural adjustments, and the profound rewards of seeing these incredible women conquer such a demanding race.


The conversation explores the importance of encouraging and supporting women to participate in diverse sports and races, highlighting the need for greater representation and inclusion. Beba’s story is a testament to the power of community, determination, and the transformative impact of running.


Join us for this powerful discussion on breaking barriers and empowering women in the running world, as Leslie and Beba explore the triumphs and tribulations of bringing the Rarámuri spirit to one of the most grueling and exhilarating races in the world.

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About Beba Guzmán

Beba Guzmán, a Mexican audiovisual director, producer, amateur runner, and co-founder of Dos Seis Uno, found her passion for sports early in life. Soccer was her enduring favorite, leading her to discover a career as an audiovisual producer and inspiring her to participate in her first 8-kilometer race.


Representing and promoting the diversity of women in running became one of Beba’s life missions, which led to the creation of Dos Seis Uno.


In 2022, Beba had the incredible privilege of participating in The Speed Project, an experience that profoundly changed her life and served as the catalyst for the RA RA RA project.


You can find Beba on instagram as @bebaguzman

Photography by Edgar García

About Ra Ra Ra

The team consists of six courageous indigenous women from the Tarahumara Sierra: Yulisa Fuentes, Isidora Rodríguez, Lucía Nava, Argelia Orpinel, Rosa Ángela Para, and Verónica Palma. Each member brings her own experience and determination to face this unprecedented challenge.


Wearing their traditional huaraches and colorful garments, the vibrantly dressed Ra Ra Ra Team completed The Speed Project, a 335-mile race, in just over two days and nights of continuous running as a relay group. Each participant ran approximately 56 miles over the three days.


The team’s standout members include Yulisa Fuentes, champion of the Los Cañones ultramarathon; Isidora Rodríguez, winner of the 100-kilometer race; Lucía Nava, renowned for her prowess as a Rarámuri runner; Argelia Orpinel, a seasoned marathoner; Rosa Ángela Para, an ultramarathon enthusiast; and Verónica Palma, who has excelled in the World Master Games of Indigenous Peoples.


You can find Ra Ra Ra on instagram as @ra_ra_raaaaaa

You can keep supporting the Ra Ra Ra Team members to continue participating in worldwide races on this link.

CEO & Co-Founder of Aire Libre.

Leslie Payro, a Mexican Graphic Designer and visual artist, has been a dedicated member of the Aire Libre team since 2018, and currently leading the Content and Design department. Finding solace in running and nature, she sees these pursuits as celebrations of life and rituals of self-reclamation, empowering her to overcome challenges. With a deep passion for social justice, Leslie advocates for women’s and LGBTTQIA+ rights, dedicating her energy to fostering gender equality in both creative and social spheres.


You can connect with her at @unintended_bliss

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