A Baja Poem

WORDS and Photographs by ALexandra Côte - Durrer

01. Baja California Sur Experience 2023 by Aire Libre

As you might of herd or seen, Aire Libre invited me as a special guest to document the Baja running retreat in November. I was so eager to be able to join them on an experience, which all the editorial work I have done for them, this was a real treat to be able to work with them while on a retreat.

For me, running, writing and photography have a very special place in my heart. It’s a form of therapy that help me feel more grounded in my day to day life and has helped me greatly to grow as a human.

For this trip, I wanted to really take the time to document, immerse myself with the crew in the goal to bring back amazing imagery to remember. A few days before the trip, I had a meeting with the Aire Libre marketing team to touch base, but also to see if I was willing and interested in also writing an article on their Beyond Running about the experience.

I really wanted to create something different, rather then the traditional travel blog and with my love of poetry, I thought it would be cool to write one poem for each day of the trip

Day 01

After a long day of traveling,
We get to finally meet our new friends,
From the four corners of the world,
All with one thing in common,
The love of running and discovering,
Here to spend the next four days,
Immersing ourselves in the beautiful mountains, Of Baja.

Day 02

6 am yoga session,
Tired eyes,
Eager minds,
Rising with the sun,
We move in unison, Appreciating the scenery, Before we venture off, Within the mountainsape.

Our bags are loaded,
Hydration vests full,
Winding through the switchbacks, Our mula bar awaits,
Fresh fruit and water,
Our bodies continue to carry us, Through the mountains of Baja.

Baby goats,
As we replenish our bodies, Farm to table service,
And off we go,
Towards our camp.

"Here to spend the next four days, Immersing ourselves in the beautiful mountains, Of Baja." - Alexandra Côte-Durrer

Day 03

Enjoying our sunrise meditation,
Within the beauties of these mountains, Birds are waking,
Ourselves as well,
After a heart felt meal,
We head out to the trails,
This time our goal,
To run to the ocean.

The heat is at it’s peak, As we move our bodies, Every turn,
A landmine of Cactis.

The Ocean is in sight,
Only a few miles left,
We immerse ourselves in the salt, Our bodies floating in calmness,

As we run back to our camp, Laughing and enjoying the ride, Our legs might feel tired,
But our minds are full or energy, Taking every moment in.

Family dinner under the blanket of stars, Listening to the coyotes howl, Comfortable in our tents,
Excited for the long run that awaits.

Day 04


Our Final day is upon us,
The emotions run high,
As we enjoy our last breakfast, In a place we would stay,
For a lifetime.


We worked our bodies, For this run,
The longest one,
We have to date,

A total of 12 miles, Running from camp,

To basecamp.


At our own pace,
We move through the trail,
Stopping in oasis to wash our faces,

Climbing the peaks,
To run down,
And to climb all over again,

To enjoy the downhill,
Until we reach out final destination.


Greeted with wine and cheese,

As we all reconnect,
Proud of what we accomplished,

A little nostalgic of the end,

But thankful,
Living in the moment.

Until the very end.


Our last moments as a group,
Around the fire,
As we share our highs of the day,

Thanking our bodies,
Who have carried us through this adventure,

Thanking our guides for their time,
Thanking nature,
Thanking our minds,
We are officially done our adventure,
As much as we wish we could keep going,

We are excited to share with our families,

The beautiful experience,
Aire Libre gave us,
In the mountains,
Of Baja.

About Alexandra Côte-Durrer

Visual Meditation Series by Alexandra Côté-Durrer is a professional photographer, trail runner, and mental health advocate based in Sainte-Adele, QC Canada.

Her main canvas is Canada, particularly her home province of Quebec. Alexandra loves discovering and inspiring others to wander around her home province by showcasing some photographs, writing stories about her adventures, and of course creating content for tourism and adventure companies.

Alexandra’s goal is to work alongside amazing and inspiring companies constantly creating authentic and timeless content all over Quebec and Canada. She has been concentrating on commercial photography for over 7 years now and is currently focusing on adventure storytelling.

You can find more of her work on her pages:


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