with special guest Tina Muir

one of the most naturally preserved locations in central america, awaits with outstanding magic for trail running experiences.

San José, Costa Rica

7 days, 6 nights

Activity level: Gentle Adventure (Easy Active)

Running experience

From $3,249 USD

Ranging daily from 8 to 15km

Discover the world through running

We look for new perspectives within cultures and communities in remote places that exist outside of modern societal structures which are focused only in progress and gains.

Your Adventure Itinerary

Upon your arrival in San José, our team will be ready to assist you with your transfer to the hotel. We will have a relaxed day dedicated to introducing you to our team and conducting a debrief about the upcoming days of the experience. 


At 5pm, we will regroup at the hotel for an 8 km acclimatization run in the colonial part of town, timed to catch the sunset. 


Following our run, we will convene for a group welcome dinner at one of the finest restaurants in San José. 


Accomodation: San Jose Boutique Hotel

Lunch & Dinner: Included

They day begins with breakfast and an early departure from San José, heading towards the Punta Arenas Canton. From there, we embark on a 4-hour drive that leads us to the Biological Cloud Forest Reserve of Monteverde. 


Upon our arrival, we embark on an exhilarating 9 km run through the enchanting cloud forest trails of Reserva Santa Elena and Bosque de los Niños Eternos. This unique run provides us with a captivating first introduction to the rich natural diversity of Costa Rica. 


Following the sun, we settle in for lunch at our hotel. The afternoon features a yoga and stretching session at the Monteverde Lodge, providing a peaceful opportunity to unwind as the sun sets. 


Accomodation: Monteverde Lodge

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: Included

This day will begin with a captivating morning run along the remarkable Tigre Waterfall trail. This trail offers stunning views of magnificent waterfalls, hanging bridges, and spectacular pathways. It will undoubtedly stand out as the most astonishing run throughout the entire trip, as it combines breathtaking scenery with a satisfying trail distance. 


Following the run, we will proceed to our hotel to fresehn up and savor a delightful lunch. Later, we’ll step onto our bus and journey towards the Arenal Volcano Area. A scenir 3-hour drive will culminate in our arrival at the enchanting Arenal  Lake area around dusk. Here, an evening of relaxation by the pool and in the jacuzzi will be the perfect indulgence to pamper our bodies. 


Accomodation: Arenal Lodge

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: Included

We begin this day with an incredible breakfast, accompanied by a stunning view at Arenal Reserve. After breakfast and an engaging coffee demonstration, we are set to embark on a captivating run through the Observatory Lodge Trails. This scenic run takes us through the jungle and along volcanic rivers, providing the last views of the Lavar rivers from 1992. The spectacular trail immerses us deeply in the volcanic and jungle atmosphere of Costa Rica. 


Following lunch at our hotel and a refreshing shower after the run, we’ll enjoy a rejuvenating hot springs session in the Chollin Hot Spring rivers near La Fortuna. It’s a fantastic way to conclude this afternoon’s activities. 

Afterwards, we’ll gather for dinner and enjoy a well-deserved night’s rest for everyone.


Accommodation: Arenal Lodge

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: Included

This day will encompass the longest drive and journey of the trip, as we travel from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo. The drive will span approximately 5.5 to 6 hours, guiding us to the Caribbean Coastline by afternoon. Upon arrival, we will check in to our hotel and subsequently enjoy a picturesque beach-side run along the black beaches of Puerto Viejo. 


Following the run, we will have time to freshen up with a shower before indulging in dinner in Puerto Viejo. This nourishing meal and restful evening will allows us to replenish our energy for the exciting adventures ahead. 


Accommodation: Puerto Viejo Lodge

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: Included

The final day of our extraordinary journey brings us a day of remarkable running and exploration along the captivating Caribbean beaches of Costa Rica.

We begin early with a short transfer to the entrance of Cahuita National Park, setting the stage for an unparalleled beachside run. This unique experience features jungles flanking one side of the trail and stunning white-sand Caribbean beaches on the other. Expect to encounter abundant wildlife in these pristine coastal stretches. This run is an exceptional opportunity to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the ocean reserves within this remarkable country.


Following this exhilarating run, we will arrive in Cahuita, where we’ll savor local fruits and beers before embarking on a snorkeling adventure in the very beaches we explored earlier. It’s a fitting way to conclude our journey, engaging with the marine wonders that complement the terrestrial beauty. 


As the sun sets, we’ll celebrated with a farewell dinner at the Lodge in Puerto Viejo, accompanied by additional afternoon activities within the town. It’s a fitting way to close out this incredible experience in one of the most breathtaking part of Costa Rica! 


Accommodation: Puerto Viejo Lodge

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: Included

For the departure day from San José, we will leave Puerto Viejo and head towards the San José airport. Please note that the departure time should be scheduled for after 5:00 PM to ensure ample time for the journey back to the airport. 


Juan Santamaria International Airport outbound flight.

Breakfast & Lunch: included.

Our team

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Our Host

Yannick Wende is an Andean born competitive mountain biker, mountaineering enthuasist, and trail runner. His life revolves around the mountains surrounding his birth place in La Paz, Bolivia. Working on various social and environmental programs around the Bolivian and Peruvian Andes has allowed him to understand and communicate an admiration and respect for the Andres through storytelling. 

He is an adventurer who enjoys bird watching, learning about native plants, and he is driven by a determination to make the Andes and promote native community building and cultural development. 


You can find him on Instagram at @yannickwende

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Nestled in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica stands as a bastion of natural preservation. Its untouched beauty sets the stage for unparalleled trail running experiences that beckon adventurers. Explore the cloud forest trails and hanging bridges of Monteverde, surrender to the soothing embrace of Arenal’s hot springs, and uncover the secrets of coffee production. 


Tina Muir

Tina Muir is the founder and CEO of Running For Real; host of the award-winning podcast of the same name and co-host of Running Realized; a mother of two; and a former elite runner turned sustainability advocate. An ardent environmentalist, she has worked with the United Nations, as well as many races in the running industry, including New York and Chicago marathons on their sustainability initiatives. Through her podcast and social media presence, she starts conversations and shares resources on sustainability, climate change, and how individuals can make a positive difference in their own lives. Her book, Becoming a Sustainable Runner, co-written with Zoë Rom, merges runners’ passion for their sport with their concern for their health, their community, and the environment. As the first elite athlete to openly discuss having amenorrhea, Tina has become an advocate for others suffering from RED-S/REDs.


You can reach Tina on @tinamuir88

about your next experience

This journey offers an authentic encounter with the boundless natural diversity and richness that characterizes one of Central America’s proclaimed paradises. Costa Rica’s significance as a symbol of natural beauty has captured the hearts of world travelers, and situated at the very heart of Central America, it has achieved worldwide renown for its captivating and mesmerizing natural wonders. 

Experience the charm of genuinely authentic city, jungle, and beach resorts, each brimming with distinctive character. 


Standard accommodation option involves shared lodging. However, you have the choice to enhance your experience by upgrading to private accommodations at check-out.

In November, Monteverde experiences a transition from the rainy to the dry season, offering cool temperatures ranging from 16°C to 24°C (60°F to 75°F) for exploring its lush cloud forests. San Jose, the capital, sees reduced rainfall with temperatures ranging from 17°C to 26°C (63°F to 78°F), providing a comfortable climate for city activities. In Arenal, the tail end of the rainy season brings decreased precipitation and temperatures ranging from 21°C to 31°C (70°F to 88°F), making it an opportune time to explore the iconic Arenal Volcano and indulge in outdoor activities amidst the lush green landscapes. While rain is still possible in all these regions, November provides a unique window to witness Costa Rica’s diverse ecosystems and natural beauty.


  • Transportation throughout the whole experience.
  • Specially designed trails along the magical landscapes of Costa Rica.
  • Carefully curated culinary experiences.
    *We can accommodate all dietary preferences.
  • Exclusively designed yoga and meditation sessions.
  • All meals and accommodations for the duration of the experience.
  • Entrance tickets to all national parks and attractions included in the experience.
  • Knowledgeable and professional local guides.
  • Aire Libre & partner brands merchandise.
  • La Familia Global Community Membership ($ 25 USD value).


  • Airfare for your inbound and outbound flights to Costa Rica.
  • Travel Insurance. We highly recommend securing personal travel insurance for your peace of mind. 
  • Alcoholic beverages and any additional meals beyond the provided ones.
  • Currently, Costa Rica’s International Borders remain open
  • A valid passport is required for entry
  • No tourist visa is required
  • If arriving from certain countries in South America of Africa, proof of yellow fever vaccination is necessary
  • Entry requirements may vary based on your home country*
  • Additionally, foreigners are required to present a return ticket. 


We recommend carrying printed documentation of your stay in Costa Rica.

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