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New zealand: Ecosystems of the trail

Join us in a profoundly transformative experience amidst the enchanting landscapes of Glenorchy, New Zealand, or by its Maori name, Aotearoa, which translates to "the land of the long white cloud". This retreat is an invitation to explore the whenua (Maori word for land and placenta), as we foster profound connections with nature and local culture.

Glenorchy, Aotearoa – New Zealand

6 días, 5 noches

Activity level: Nature’s Rhythms (Intermediate)

Running experience

From $3,199 USD

Ranging daily from 6 to 17km

Discover the world through running

Buscamos nuevas perspectivas en culturas y comunidades de lugares remotos que existen al margen de las estructuras sociales modernas, centradas únicamente en el progreso y las ganancias.

Su itinerario de aventura

As we arrive in the Adventure Capital, we will feel embraced by the majestic mountains and serene lakes surrounding us. Our journey will start with a Welcome Gathering in the charming town of Arrowtown, setting the tone for the adventure ahead. 


Embarking on a 7 to 10 km hike and taking us around 3 hours, we will gently immerse ourselves in the terrain, as we get acquainted with the beauty of our new surroundings. As the day unfolds, we will transition to the tranquil shores of Lake Wakatipu to witness the mesmerizing sunset. 

Meanwhile, our first crew meal is thoughtfully prepared back at the lodge, offering a perfect conclusion to our inaugural day of exploration. 



Accomodation: Kinloch Lodge, Glenorchy | Twin or Triple occupancy

Desayuno, comida y cena: Incluido

As we wake up in our accommodations at Kinloch Lodge, our day begins with a revitalizing morning yoga class in the lodge’s heavenly yurt. A nourishing breakfast awaits, setting the stage for a laid-back trail run along the lake, followed by an optional dip for those inclined to take a refreshing plunge. 


Shifting gears, we’ll ease into a workshop designed to immerse us in local customs and traditions, taking a momento to slow down and absorb the rich cultural experience. 


Later, there will be ample time to relax and retreat before we gather for our evening meal.


Accomodation: Kinloch Lodge, Glenorchy | Twin or Triple Occupancy

Desayuno, comida y cena: Incluido

As we greet the morning, a refreshing opportunity for cold water immersion and breathwork practice awaits, grounding our mind, body, and spirit for the day ahead. Fueled by locally sourced produce, we set out for our initial exploration in our outdoor playground. Following the riverside trails, we venture out and back, prospecting the surrounding mountains for the adventures that await us in the coming days. 


We will share a delightful lunch by the riverside before we return to Kinloch for a soothing hip-opening yoga flow, preparing us for a relaxed wind-down in the evening. Today is about immersing ourselves in the natural beauty that surrounds us, fostering a sense of tranquility and connection with the environment. 


Accomodation: Kinloch Lodge, Glenorchy | Twin or Triple Occupancy

Desayuno, comida y cena: Incluido

Today, we will embrace our inner adventurers on this remarkable day, embarking on the renowned ‘Routerburn Track’. Our trail commences at Routeburn Shelter, meandering gently beside the crystal-clear river. Passing Sugarloaf Stream, we climb to Bridal Veil Waterfall, continuing above the gorge. Crossing a swing bridge, we find ourselves on open grassy flats, culminating at the Routeburn Flats Hut.


This day promises a collective exploration of Routeburn’s scenic grandeur, fostering shared memories and a deep connection to nature. 


Today unfolds with the majority of our hours spent amidst the trail’s beauty.


Please refer to the packing list for necesary gear.


Elevation gain: 350 m

Accommodation: Kinloch Lodge, Glenorchy | Twin or Triple Occupancy

Desayuno, comida y cena: Incluido

Embarking out into the wilderness, we traverse through native bushland, gradually ascending to reveal astonishing views. 

Weather permitting, our gaze will be captivated by the Mt Earnslaw/Pikirakatahi sitting atop of Lake Wakatipu in the distance. 


**Please note that Days 3, 4 and 5 are interchangeable, ensuring flexibility based on weather conditions.

Additionally, tailored options for distance and pace will be available to accommodate the varied preferences of the group.


Elevation gain: 445 m


Accommodation: Kinloch Lodge, Glenorchy | Twin or Triple occupancy

Desayuno, comida y cena: Incluido

After breakfast, we’ll drive back to Queenstown stopping along the way to bid farewell to the National Park.


Together, we will conclude our journey with a profound Maori Sound Healing Practice, hosted by Aaron Kerehoma. Immerse yourselves in the traditional melodies crafted by Aaron, who, guided by his koroua (grandparents), learning the art of creating his own instruments. 

His unique performance promises to leave us feeling not just connected, but also aligned with the energy and essence of this transformative retreat.


Breakfast & Lunch: Included

Nuestro equipo

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Your Host

Matt Willocks was born and bred in Dunedin, spending most summers and winters exploring Central Otago, New Zealand. Matt studied Ecology at the University of Otago. He spends his spare time trail running, taking photos, and creating wellbeing experiences for his community. To connect with Matt, you can find him on Instagram as @willocks_

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Embárquese en una emocionante aventura explorando el esplendor intacto del Parque Nacional de Mount Aspiring, con glaciares, campos de nieve, montañas, valles y fauna diversa. Sumérjase en la rica flora y fauna locales durante una apacible estancia de cinco noches en el Kinloch Lodge de Glenorchy, su base para la exploración.

Refrésquese en los baños de hielo de la naturaleza que se encuentran en los lagos, arroyos y cascadas de los Alpes. Descubra la serenidad a través de experiencias de meditación y yoga, en armonía con el entorno natural. Deléitese con comidas nutritivas elaboradas con ingredientes locales sostenibles y cocinadas al aire libre. 

sobre su próxima experiencia
New Zealand

Discover an extraordinary journey through the unspoiled landscapes of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and its alpine regions. This adventure promises an immersive experience amidst the untouched beauty of nature, featuing astonishing runs with opportunities to explore glaciers, snowfields, mountains, and valleys, all accompanied by carefully curated culinary experiences which will catalyze a deep cultural encounter with the rich heritage of the Maori people all around.

Lodge in Kinloch Lodge, Glenorchy: A beautifully restored heritage listed property, which comprises a communal dining area and beautiful yurt for our yoga practice. 


Standard accommodation option involves twin or triple shared lodging. However, you have the choice to enhance your experience by upgrading to private accommodations at check-out.

November heralds the peak of the adventure season in New Zealand, and Glenorchy beckons with its diverse weather conditions. Positioned amidst nature’s beauty, the temperature typically fluctuate between 55ºF (13ºC) and a low of 39ºF (4ºC). This time of year offers a moderately chilly atmosphere complemented by a gentle breeze, creating an inviting environment for outdoor exploration and discovery.


  • Transporte durante toda la experiencia.
  • Specially designed trails along the magical landscapes of New Zealand.
  • Experiencias culinarias cuidadosamente seleccionadas.
    *Nos adaptamos a todas las preferencias dietéticas.
  • Sesiones de yoga y meditación diseñadas en exclusiva.
  • Todas las comidas y el alojamiento durante la experiencia.
  • Entradas a todos los parques nacionales y atracciones incluidas en la experiencia.
  • Guías locales expertos y profesionales.
  • Productos de Aire Libre y marcas asociadas.
  • Afiliación gratuita a la Comunidad Global de La Familia (valor de 25 USD)
  • Fotógrafo especializado en deportes y acción para capturar tus momentos.


  • Airfare for your inbound and outbound flights to New Zealand.
  • Seguro de viaje. Le recomendamos encarecidamente que contrate un seguro de viaje personal para su tranquilidad. 
  • Bebidas alcohólicas y comidas adicionales a las previstas.


Additional activities operated by local hosts are not included.

Please refer to our check-out for more details on extra activities, such as bungee jumping and jet boat rides.

  • Currently, New Zealand’s International Borders remain open.
  • Se requiere pasaporte en vigor para entrar
  • Puede exigirse a los extranjeros que presenten un vuelo de vuelta.
  • NZeTA visa might be required depending on nationality.


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