Lake District, Patagonia

An unparalleled journey through Chile's diverse landscapes. From coastal towns, snow-draped volcanoes, Pacific fjords, lush rainforests, and crystalline lakes nestled in the Andes mountains. This retreat promises an immersion into the heart of Chilean culture, cuisine, and nature at its zenith.

Patagonia, Chile


8 days, 7 nights


Difficulty level: Nature’s Rhythms (Intermediate)

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Ranging daily from 4 to 16 km

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Discover the world through running

Buscamos nuevas perspectivas en culturas y comunidades de lugares remotos que existen al margen de las estructuras sociales modernas, centradas únicamente en el progreso y las ganancias.

Su itinerario de aventura

Upon our arrival in Puerto Varas, we are greeted with a warm welcome. Afterward, we proceed to Chepu for check-in and a well-deserved rest in our cozy cabins, each accommodating 4 to 6 persons.


As the day unfolds, we will gather in the evening for a special welcome dinner ceremony at the charming Chimango CaraCara, setting the stage for the memorable experiences that await us.


Comida y cena: Incluido

Accommodation: Chepu | 4 to 6 person shared cabins

The day begins with an early rise for a stimulating meditation session taking place against the backdrop of the river, wetlands, mountains, and the coastal range. Following a delicious homemade breakfast, our journey will take us to the pristine Pacific Ocean beach with an 11km run navigating through dunes, wetlands, encountering the local fauna of cows, horses, and diverse birdlife. A thrilling descent through native forest trails awaits us.


Before our transfer to Chiloé Island, we will indulge in a very enjoyable brunch prepared by our welcoming local hosts. In the evening, we unwind with a relaxing sunset yoga practice on the beautiful wooden deck, providing a spectacular panorama of the lake. This harmonious blend of nature and activities sets the stage for a memorable stay at Palafito Lodge.


Desayuno, comida y cena: Incluido

Accommodation: Ecolodge – Palafito Cucao Lodge | 4 to 6 person shared cabins

Our journey this day will start with an energizing cold plunge, setting the tone for the breathtaking views awaiting us at Cole Cole, the hidden gem of Chiloé National Park. As we embark on our 12 km beach run, we are greeted by the majestic beauty of clear sands and the deep blue sea, embraced by the lush jungle that borders this pristine coastline. Our adventure begins with a scenic crossing of a small lagoon, marking our entry into this coastal paradise.


After immersing ourselves in the wonders of Cole Cole throughout the day, we return to Chiloé to culminate our experience with a serene sunset yoga session at the Palafito terrace. Here, amidst the soothing sounds of crashing waves, we will relax and reflect on the day’s adventures and take on the serenity of the moment.


Desayuno, comida y cena: Incluido

Accommodation: Ecolodge – Palafito Cucao Lodge | 4 to 6 person shared cabins

Today is dedicated to embracing the authentic rhythms of local life. In the morning, we embark on a tranquil kayak ride across the lake, immersing ourselves in the natural beauty that surrounds us. As the afternoon unfolds, we gather with the locals to partake in the time-honored tradition of preparing curanto, a quintessential Chilote dish cooked over hot stones in an earthy pit.


In the afternoon, we will have the option to go on a chill stroll to a scenic lookout point, offering a perfect vantage for witnessing the mesmerizing sunset. Later, we will unwind and indulge in the ultimate relaxation as we soak in a wood-fired hot tub with a captivating view of the lake.


Desayuno, comida y cena: Incluido

Accommodation: Ecolodge – Palafito Cucao Lodge | 4 to 6 person shared cabins

Our day begins with an early rise as we embark on a scenic ferry ride bound for Chaitén village. From there, a picturesque 60-kilometer drive leads us to Caleta Gonzalo, a quaint seaside town nestled in the eastern expanse of Pumalín National Park. Here, amidst lush forests and cascading waterfalls, we will go on a 3.6 km trek, immersing ourselves in the pristine natural beauty that defines this remarkable park.


Desayuno, comida y cena: Incluido

Accommodation: Cabañas Caleta Gonzalo | 4 to 6 person shared cabins

Our day will kick off with a refreshing morning of outdoor yoga, setting a relaxed tone for a local 3.6 km trek where we will discover the beauty of a breathtaking waterfall in the heart of Caleta Gonzalo.


Venturing south, an extraordinary ferry ride through the fjords will guide us to the charming town of Hornopirén. Navigating through Hornopirén village, our journey will continue into the enchanting surroundings of the Puelo River, a Chilean watercourse with origins in Argentina, renowned for its picturesque beaches and natural wells.


Desayuno, comida y cena: Incluido

Accommodation: Cabañas Caleta Gonzalo | 4 to 6 person shared cabins.

As we bid farewell to Río Puelo, our journey will take us to Puerto Varas for our final run, a remarkable 16 km route around the iconic Osorno Volcano. From the eastward hill of La Picada, we’ll ascend gently through the forested terrain, reaching the edge of the vegetation near the renowned Paso de la Desolación. Throughout this scenic route, the majestic presence of the Osorno Volcano accompanies our every step, providing a breathtaking backdrop.


Our evening unfolds in the welcoming embrace of Petrohué Lodge, characterized by its traditional German architecture and offering spectacular views across the lake to the Osorno and Todos los Santos.


This peaceful luxury hotel not only provides a relaxing retreat but also boasts two swimming pools, allowing us to unwind and reflect on the beauty of the Patagonian landscape as our adventure comes to a close.


Desayuno, comida y cena: Incluido

Accommodation: Petrohué Lodge | Double shared rooms

As we wake on our last day, the morning will grant us free time to wander and discover the captivating town of Puerto Varas. A chance to savor the local atmosphere and bid our own farewells to this enchanting place.

At noon, we will embark on a direct shuttle from Puerto Varas to the Puerto Montt airport, where we anticipate arriving by 14:00 hrs.


Breakfast: Included

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Polo Pavez,  can be usually found chasing sunsets in the Andes Mountains or biking in Santiago, Chile. He uses running as a tool to create space for mental health. He plans adventures and personal projects that focus on self-discovery, connectivity, education and caring for the environment. Polo loves connecting with people around the world and sharing experiences that create strong bonds and community. His love for nature has led him to raise awareness on the exploitation of ecosystems that affect access to clean water and support campaigns for animal advocacy.


To connect with Polo, you can find him on Instagram as @polopavez

Nuestro anfitrión

Claudio Enrique embarked on his running journey, driven by the belief that it was the path designated by a higher purpose. The world of running, along with its rich culture, became the bridge connecting his soul’s human experiences with the profound sense of service he aspired to fulfill. Initially, running served as a remedy for mental well-being, but it quickly transformed into a sourve of spiritual fulfillment. Claudio envisions running not just as a personal pursuit but as a transformative experience that allows individuals to rediscover themselves. His vision transcends pretensions, measures, and stereotypes, fostering a sense of oneness within a diverse community moving in different directions and dimensions, ultimately forming a harmonious community. 



To connect with Claudio, you can find him on Instagram as @bendecidotodoeldia

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Immerse in the vibrant Chilean culture as you explore the diverse landscapes filled with lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and towering volcanoes that define this captivating region. Take part in a hands-on Curanto culinary session, delving into the heart of authentic local traditions and cuisine. Feel the excitement of breathtaking runs along Chiloé National Park’s hidden beach and around the majestic Osorno Volcano. Sail through the picturesque Chiloé Archipelago, and retreat to an Ecolodge with panoramic views of Lake Cucao, finding tranquility amidst nature.

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Lake District, Patagonia

Join us for a unique running adventure in one of South America’s most remote destinations. From coastal towns to snow-drizzled volcanoes, Pacific fjords, and lush rainforests, experience the finest of Chilean culture, cuisine, and nature. Explore Chile’s Lake District, famed for alpine-inspired towns and stunning landscapes of deep blue lakes and snow-capped volcanoes.

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Throughout nights 1 to 6, indulge in the warmth of our comfortable cabins and ecolodges, each accommodating 4 to 6 people, ensuring a cozy and local atmosphere. Unwind in these thoughtfully designed spaces, each equipped with a private bathroom for your convenience.


For our final night, we retreat to Petrohué Lodge, where cozy shared rooms accommodate 2 people.

Nestled between the snowcapped Osorno Volcano and the shores of Todos los Santos lake, this secluded gem offers panoramic views of the Patagonian landscape, complemented by the Lodge’s two swimming pools.


Consulte el itinerario para obtener información detallada sobre la capacidad disponible de alojamiento en cada noche del viaje.

In December, the Lake District of Patagonia experiences the early days of its summer season, offering a unique and pleasant climate for exploration. Days are characterized by mild to warm temperatures, ranging from around 10°C to 22°C (50°F to 72°C). While the weather can be relatively unpredictable with occasional rainfall, December generally sees increasing periods of sunshine and longer daylight hours. This time of year showcases the region’s lush landscapes in full bloom, with vibrant flora and clear skies, providing a picturesque backdrop for outdoor activities and adventures.


  • Transporte durante toda la experiencia.
  • Specially designed trails along the magical landscapes of the Lake District.
  • Todas las comidas y el alojamiento durante la experiencia.
  • Carefully curated culinary experiences and regional cuisine.
    *We can accommodate all dietary preferences
  • Thoughtfully created yoga sessions suitable for all levels of ability.
  • Guías locales expertos y profesionales.
  • Entrance tickets to all national parks and ejidos included in the experience.
  • Productos de Aire Libre y marcas asociadas.
  • Afiliación gratuita a La Familia Global Community (valorada en 25 USD).



  • Airfare for your inbound and outbound flights to Chile.
  • Seguro de viaje. Le recomendamos encarecidamente que contrate un seguro de viaje personal para su tranquilidad.
  • Bebidas alcohólicas y comidas adicionales a las previstas.
  • Currently,  Chile’s international borders remain open.

  • Para entrar se necesita un pasaporte válido.

  • Puede exigirse a los extranjeros que presenten un vuelo de vuelta.

  • A temporary travel permit might be required depending on your nationality.

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