"Community and Sustainability in Running"


"Runners are… we’re a little bit crazy sometimes, you know, we do the thing that most people in other sporting areas see as a punishment, but we see beyond that, we see the beauty in that, which means we are also able to see the beauty in other areas that some people can’t see because they don’t have that richness and fullness in their life. And I really believe that running can change the world because we are the people who make things happen.”
– Tina Muir

In this episode of the Beyond Running Podcast, Mau Díaz, co-founder of Aire Libre, 

engages in a compelling conversation with Tina Muir.
Tina Muir, known for her popular Running for Real podcast, discusses her evolving relationship with running, highlighting the shift from an intense, performance-driven mindset to a more inclusive, community-oriented approach. She opens up about the challenges and rewards of this transition and how it has enriched her life and connections within the running world.

The conversation delves into Tina’s new book, “Becoming a Sustainable Runner: A Guide to Running for Life, Community, and Planet,” where she offers valuable insights on how to sustain a lifelong love for running. Tina and Mau explore the themes of the book, discussing the importance of running for personal well-being, fostering community bonds, and respecting and preserving our natural environment.

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About Tina Muir

Tina is a former elite marathoner who is now the CEO of Running for Real and hosts a podcast of the same name. She founded Running for Real to inspire runners to be brave, step out of their comfort zones, and work towards a better world. Believing that running can drive social change, Tina started collaborating with the United Nations in 2021 and is recognized as a top climate activist in the running community.


Originally from St. Albans, England, Tina now lives in St. Louis, Missouri. She left a professional running career, marked by a marathon time of 2:36 and a half marathon time of 1:13, to focus on her health. She co-authored the 2023 book Becoming a Sustainable Runner: A Guide to Running for Life, Community, and Planet.



You can find Kayla  on instagram as @tinamuir88

CEO & Co-Founder of Aire Libre.

Mau Díaz, born in Mexico City in 1988, embarked on a journey of academic and adventurous pursuits. He studied Marketing at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, delving into International Marketing at the Hochschule Pforzheim in Germany, and exploring Chinese Foreign Policy at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His professional trajectory took off with a focus on Growth Hacking, where he honed his skills in team building and assisting startups in their growth strategies. Notable stints as a growth hacker at Propiedades.com and later at LECO shaped his early career.
In December 2015, Mau embarked on a non-stop 90km run across the Sonora Desert with two friends, laying the foundation for his venture, Aire Libre. He identifies as an adventurer who embraces running as a means to satiate his curiosity. His accomplishments include solo and unassisted traversing of the Sierra Sur de Oaxaca, covering 127km from December 28 to 30, 2017. In 2018, he clinched a top 5 spot in an 80km ultramarathon in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. May 2022 witnessed his relentless 140km run from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez, spanning the Baja California peninsula. These exploits merely scratch the surface of his vast adventures.
Mau’s work at Aire Libre has not gone unnoticed, garnering recognition from esteemed international media outlets such as The Financial Times, Monocle, Men’s Journal, Forbes, Travesías, El Universal, Chilango, Sopitas.com, and various others.


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