Media Appearances




Wall Street Journal Magazine – “Slow Is the New Fast: More Runners Are Happily Plodding Along” ft Aire Libre. 2023

Podcast – In the Zone ft Mau Díaz: “The Story of Aire Libre and the power of curiosity”. 2023

Podcast – You are a big deal with Becca Jay. “Mauricio Diaz: Life-Affirming Organism; Storytelling as Connection; Discover the World through Movement”. 2023

Outside Magazine “This Unconventional Retreat in the French Pyrenees Offers More than Miles”. 2023

Mauricio Díaz on Vulnerability in Running, The Power of the Invitation and Building “La Familia”

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Touching The Trail Podcast, Episode 159, 2019.

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United Kingdom

Like the Wind “The Power of Balance” #28 Print Magazine. 2023

Running on Joy Episode 55 with Mau Díaz “Joys is…real.”

VivoBarefoot x Aire Libre. 2023

Monocle “The Entrepreneurs Eureka 212: Aire Libre Running.” 2020

Like The Wind “Coming up for Aire”. 2019

Sidetracked “Running Northern Patagonia.” 2019

Financial Times, “Five of the best running holidays.” 2019

Spain / España


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